We are expecting! (I’m not pregnant)

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James1:27


When I was in first grade I remember distinctively seeing one of those Feed A Child commercials on tv. I remember at such a young age that strong desire to help and one day  adopt a child in need. I know that God placed that desire in my heart, and as I’ve gotten older, that would become more of a reality.

Before Tyler and I got married, I told him ” I will NEVER birth a child.” Mostly because I didn’t want to bring a child in this world when there are SO many who need parents. And after doing missions for a couple of years I saw the reality of how many orphaned kids there are in this world.

It’s very ironic in life when the things we say we’d never do– we do. We ended up having our sweet baby Lucca, and he was our honeymoon babe. That completely changed our life in such a beautiful way. I learned how much I love being a mommy, and the love I have for him is beyond anything I could have imagined. It also broke my heart of how many children don’t receive that love, that nurturing or healthy environment, and that absolutely crushed my heart.

This last year has been such a whirlwind of so many blessings + challenges. We moved again, to a small mountain town in Southern California, and we are working as the new directors at a camp for abused foster Children. (Camp Alandale) And its actually where we met years ago when we both were on summer staff. Meeting Tyler there, it was obvious we both had the same passion for these foster children. My childhood was also very similar to these children, so the empathy and the ways in which I can relate to them are all so real. I have been so blessed and some very special people along the way have encouraged and loved me that all I can do is give back and try to help other kids in these same situations.

When we moved down here this summer, some of our friends (the executive directors to the camp) were having a meeting with a Foster Care Organization and how to go about in this process. We of course attended the meeting, because that is our same goal. We also thought, why not start the process now? There are so many kids in the system….we have space, a loving home, and open hearts. We also very strongly feel that The Lord is calling us to do this.

It isn’t fair though. These children don’t deserve being born in these situations. They don’t deserve to be born heroin babies, or to parents that neglect them. They don’t deserve abuse. They don’t deserve violence. They don’t deserve all of this. But that’s the world that we live in. A world full of sin. In addition, a lot of these parents were raised that same way- to abusive neglectful parents. Its a cycle that seems to never end. But, I have Faith. I know it can be broken. There is hope. People can change, and we can help change these children’s lives.

So we started our process. It has been a lot of training, paper work, interviews..and preparing.. Yet we are still at the very beginning of it all.

It feels much different, and in a lot of ways harder preparing for this baby than having a baby biologically. When pregnant with Lucca, I knew exactly what I was putting into my body to nourish myself and my baby. I knew the home he was entering in..and most of all I knew the immense amount of LOVE he would receive. Also, people don’t see us “physically” pregnant, and people don’t really ask questions, or maybe don’t know what to say when we tell them that we are going to foster/adopt.

Where we are at now is one more interview to complete our home study, and we will hopefully be certified to take in a child by January.

We are with no expectations. We are willing to take any child (younger than Lucca) of any ethnicity and any gender as well. I’m so thankful that where we live there are a couple other families who have gone through this experience as well and we are able to encourage one another. I also want to say that Tyler and myself are very imperfect people. We are not “great” people for wanting to do this, and speaking for myself, I have many flaws. But, I know this is what we are supposed to do, and we are very excited! It’s so sweet when one of your lifelong goals starts to become a reality.

So…in conclusion, YES, we are expecting, but we are not sure of the baby yet. 🙂 Please be praying for us, and all the families going through this same process. And most of all for the children in the foster care system.

In our county alone there are 4,000 kids in the system. JUST IN OUR COUNTY.

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