Honeymoon Baby!


I have been really wanting to write this story down so I will not forget, as well as to share with friends and family. However, having a newborn definitely changes your life and it’s not so easy to sit and write a blog anymore. The whole story of how Lucca came is so special to me! So now after about 11 weeks of his sweet presence entering this world, I have caught up on enough sleep to write this šŸ˜‰

For anyone who knew me pre-pregnancy, they knew that to actually birth a child was something I NEVER planned for. In my mind, I wanted to just adopt in my thirties. That was my plan. But… I should know by now that “my plans” never really go as planned.

Before becoming pregnant, one very special night, I had the sweetest dream that I’ve ever had. It felt so real, and so wonderful. In my dream I was playing with a baby boy named….Lucca. I knew he was MINE and my heart was filled to the top with so much love and peace. When Tyler awoke me that morning, he saw so much emotion in my eyes and was confused to my look, so he proceeded to ask, ” are you okay? What were you dreaming of?” I was in shock to have awoke because my dream was so real, and I didn’t want it to end. I of course told him, and it became sort of like a joke, because I could not let go of this sweet image of this “Lucca” that I dreamt of.

Tyler and I got married in February, and it was wonderful. We spent $500 total. I bought my wedding dress off of craigslist two days previous. He got his outfit from Ross. And to celebrate we only invited family, (Because we were sooo broke) and I rented out a back room of a sushi restaurant in Santa Cruz for the dinner. We got married at Calvary Chapel Capitola, took photos at the beach, and then all ate at the Sushi Restaurant while singing really bad karaoke. Our sisters sang us “My Heart Will Go On” for our first dance, and it was one of the most memorable, funniest memories that I have.
When you’re in your young twenties, and know exactly who you want to marry, that’s all you want. For me, I did not care about wedding decorations, fancy stuff or an expensive dress. All I wanted was to my marry my best friend, and that is exactly what I did.

Starting off our new life together was beyond thrilling. We had just spent the last two years in a VERY long distance relationship. I was in Spain and he was in California. Through that, as hard as it was, we became extremely close. We only had communication, and because of that, we were able to really know each other. We became the best of friends. Our relationship became strong. I knew 100% he loved me.
So needless to say, actually living together was fun! We were finally together! Little did I know a third member would soon be joining.

March 2016 I knew something was different with me. Not only did I feel different, but ALL I wanted was Subway. I ate the same sandwich every day for two weeks. Bread, tons of olives, banana peppers, lettuce and vinegar. That is not like me. So, I took a pregnancy test and was shocked and relieved when I saw the two little pink lines show up. Relieved, because that explained my out of wack hormones and cravings. But nervous because … I WAS PREGNANT. WHAT!?

After sharing the news with Tyler ( who was beyond excited) I found a pregnancy center right by my house and booked an appointment immediately. There, they confirmed I was pregnant, and gave me my due date. IT was REAL. I ended up finding an obgyn and looked forward to every prenatal appointment. The fact that a little life was actually growing inside of me, amazed me daily.

I was very lucky and had a very easy pregnancy. I was only sick for one week, and at the end I had awful heartburn. Besides that, it was breeze….not that I liked being pregnant,but it could have been much more difficult! I even was able to work up until I gave birth.



In November 2016, I started to go in and out of the hospital because I had very high blood pressure. I would sit there in the maternity ward while they measured my heart beat and blood pressure, as well as Lucca’s. I got so used to going there it felt like he was NEVER coming out of me, and I felt silly I would have to go in and out..without a baby.
On November 23rd, I had an appointment at 11 AM to check my blood pressure. I go in that Wednesday. I know the routine so well by then. So, I’m just chilling at the hospital, eating a sandwich, watching Rachel Ray, while texting Tyler and his family letting them know what’s going on…and at that point, nothing.
And then it all starts…..
After about an hour of being monitored, this stabbing pain shoots through my lower back that makes me curl up in a ball. I didn’t know if it was me mentally going crazy at the point, or if it was real. I knew it was the real deal when the nurse came in, saw me curled up in a ball while moaning. She checked me and I was at a FIVE. I was in active labor.
I text Tyler in between contractions and tell him to leave work and come to the hospital NOW. Lucca would be entering the world today.

When he arrived around noon, I was in the shower,SCREAMING, on my hands and knees. I had back labor, and it was the most painful thing I have EVER felt. Nothing prepares you for that pain.
I thought before, ” OH I had really bad malaria, I can have a baby, right!!??” NO, NO…The pain was unbearable. I had no breaks between contractions and I went crazy. I can’t help but laugh thinking back on how crazy I did get. I was swearing ( I hardly ever swear ) and grabbing on any doctor or nurse in the room by the collar screaming, “HELP ME!!!!” I even kicked a nurse when she went to check to see how far I was dilated.

After two hours of this I was begging for an epidural. That’s when Tyler looks at me and says, ” Babe, you made me promise that even if you wanted to get an epidural, to not let you get it.” I then take his head in my hands and scream, “GIVE ME THE EPIDURAL!!!!”
The anesthesiologist came in and gave it to me, and OH MAN. Praise the Lord!!! That may have been one of the best decisions I had made in a long time. I instantly felt calmed and relaxed. I could still feel my contractions, legs, feet and everything. But, it did the magic work of taking away my back labor and it was incredible. My mother in law and sister in laws came in to see me, and I invited them to watch the birth. I felt so happy I wanted to the whole world to see, I didn’t care. I was happy and was ready to meet my little man.

I was dilated to 10 and ready to push. I pushed for about 20 minutes. It was the most wild feeling, having a baby come out of you, It really does feel like pushing out a number 2!!!
Pushing wasn’t really that bad at all,( I was terrified before labor of pushing, but that was nothing after having those contractions.) Once his head came out ( the only really painful part of pushing) His body just all plopped out and before I knew it, this slimy little purple boy was laying on my chest. Instantly, I cry and my mommy heart is FULL. The instant love I felt was so sweet and so pure. It holds dear to my heart as my most favorite memory to date. Seeing your child that you carried for 9 months is a miracle.
After only 5 hours of labor I met my little boy at 5:30 PM On November 23rd 2016. Of course he was a boy, and of course we named him Lucca, just like my dream. I like to say he really is my dream come true šŸ˜‰


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