5 ways to instantly make someone feel more important.


Since I was very, very young I have been quite obsessed and have always taken an interest in just How people are. {Their body language, facial expressions, their tone of voice, their mannerisms… You can tell a lot about someone when you are aware of these things.}

As humans, from very early on we realize that we just absolutely

°love being around certain people

°there’s people we can get extremely annoyed around

°people who we can handle for about 5 minutes

°people who are super fun and would love to live with

and so forth..

And one thing I absolutely Hated, like most people…is when you’re around someone who makes you feel- not good about yourself, anxious, not respected, or just not important.

And I hate feeling like that!!! Nobody wants to feel like they’re not important.

Then, this idea popped into my head…do I make other people feel like that? Instantly, like an old VHS tape being rewond, my memories played back to times when I wasn’t a very a nice girl, selfish, and just someone who NOBODY wants to be around. I then thought, why do I want to bring more of this attitude in the world? I didn’t want to be a person who makes others feel inferior, or unimportant, Because I know just how awful that feels.

Even at church, I would be frustrated when people would just do their little “hi how are you?” While their eyes couldn’t even meet mine, and you know if you just walked away during that conversation, they wouldnt even notice.

So annoying.

So that’s when my overly observant mind of mine really kicked in. I took note of all the people who made me feel loved, and who I genuinely like being around…And I wanted to mirror that. I wanted to learn from them.

Here are 5 amazing lessons that I’ve learned of what to do and not to do while having a conversation with somebody.. And just being an overall decent human being 😉

1. NOT interrupting. I could write a novel on this one, but 1. it’s so rude, and you’re so busy thinking of what you’ll say next that you’re obviously not listening to what the other person is saying.

2. Listening, not just hearing. When having a conversation with someone, you should give them your full attention. Be respectful. Don’t be looking around or answer with a “what did you just say?” Actually listen to what the other person has to say.

3. Eye contact. Maybe it’s just me, but when someone is making eye contact with me, I’m instantly engaged and I feel like they REALLY want my attention. Sometimes, it also can make me feel like intimidated, or that I’m like standing naked in front of someone. I don’t know. I look people in the eyes when I talk with them…I think they like it?

4. PLEASE please please, Do NOT text, pull out your phone, or go on instagram when you’re talking with somebody. That’s the ultimate pet peeve of mine, and an excellent way to tell the other person that other random people’s lives are more important and more interesting than you in that moment. And I think immature. It’s sad that it’s becoming more acceptable in our generation. However, if someone does it to me I will definitely call them out on it, and they then feel guilty..

They should.

5. Addressing someone by their first name. I remember when I was younger, I had a friend who always addressed me by first saying, “Irene” it caught my attention and I felt important. Absent mindedly, I started doing that and I can’t tell you how many people have told me they like that I do that.

You should try it out 🙂 Also.. when a guy does it to a girl that he likes,I  think it’s extra sweet 🙂

SO there it is! Next time you talk with somebody, you should try these things 🙂


One thought on “5 ways to instantly make someone feel more important.

  1. Nains…or should I say “Irene” (smile)…you hit the nail on the head. I still remember the first time I met you. Somehow we got into some boring discussion about the Philippines, the Spanish, WW2, etc. Likely very very boring things for you. But you respected me enough to listen and respond and do the other things you listed above. I liked you and respected you from that moment on. You are a class act my lovely grand-daughter.
    Papa G

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