Stop for the One.

My days are anything but ordinary and you can expect when living in Cambodia to not have any expectations. It’s such a different culture here, I sometimes feel like Im living on another planet.
So much has taken place while living here and I wanted to share a bit about what my days are like.

Throughout the week I’m doing something different every day.
However, everyday from 11:30-1 we have a bible study with all the girls living at The House of Refuge.(where I live) Also, every night there is a church service that we attend to.
I enjoy it, and it’s good. Some nights I am soo tired and just want to sleep, but despite that God still speaks to me, and I’m always always learning. And always growing.

There’s different outreaches I help out with. Varying from going to the temples (where the girls being trafficked hang out) and we talk with them, share about Jesus and offer them an opportunity to change their lives. ( by helping them get a job, eduction, a place to live etc)
I also go to the “dump” and there we play and teach the children (and adults as well) I really enjoy it. I love kids and I just want to adopt every single one of them!
There is a free clinic WOL just started and I go there weekly. It’s difficult because I can not speak the language. But I learned that love has no boundaries. And I usually play with the children there, so their parents can go have a consultation without disruption. They are soo full of energy, and between games, laughter and trying to speak each others languages… We have fun together 🙂
I feel like my biggest role since being here is definitely helping at the girls house. I’m like a counselor for the girls.
One girl in particular. (I leave names out for privacy reasons)
But it’s about one of the hardest girls we’ve had here. She was Buddhist, raped multiple times, trafficked, and a lesbian. She was depressed, broken and living on the streets. However, God has honestly changed her life completely. It’s so beautiful to see. I spend a lot of my time with her. She is very needy, but it’s just how God has chosen to use me here. We spend hours where she just wants to talk to me and ask for advice. We do miscellaneous fun things together too. I really pour into her. At times it’s heart breaking and requires a lot of energy. But anyone who’s gone through all of those tragedies needs a lot of help. I’m so thankful for where He has brought her. This week she just got a job where she is helping children and women in trafficking, and best of all she really does love The Lord. He’s changed her life. Now He uses her to reach to those people. She can relate, she’s been there. I’m always in awe how God can somehow use the bad things that’s happened in our lives for good. (Romans 8:28)

I also help the girls with their English and improving their language skills. I really really love them. And God has really taught me the art of listening, patience and selflessness through it.
Actually living in ministry is a lot different, because it’s constant! At any time I can have a girl come to my room and just want to talk for a while, whether early in the morning or late at night before going to bed. I’ve learned to always be available and willing even when I don’t feel like it.
{“Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.” Romans 15:2″}

Jesus teaches us to love one another, and put others before ourself. It’s not an easy thing to learn, but it’s truly the most beautiful and rewarding quality to attain.

I help with a lot of different computer work and miscellaneous projects. Basically whatever pops up or needs helping, I’m willing to do it, even if I don’t neccesarily know how. I’m willing to learn.
I also enjoy doing outreaches a lot.
And one thing I’m starting up is collecting the information on the kids here at WOL to start up sponsorships! So my last few weeks here I can hopefully finish that and get that going!

It’s definitely difficult at times living here. It’s soo humid and hot. I get heat rash. I miss my friends back home. I miss being able to speak the language. I dislike having people always staring at me and ripping me off when trying to buy something.

At times I feel so helpless when I see sooo much poverty and pure corruption here. I hate seeing girls being trafficked. And I hate seeing little starving street kids everywhere, that have nobody to love them. It’s absolutely heart breaking.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and make all this hurt and corruption go away. But I realized something today..
Even if I left Cambodia and came back- there would still be poverty and evil. Even if I helped out for five years, twenty years, or the rest of my life.
Even if it diminished here, it still goes on in millions of places around the world.
And I have so much compassion and I always feel the need to help everybody. But I can’t, I really can’t. No matter how hard I try.
But I know what I can do..
I can play my little part in this big world. I can do what God has prepared for me to do. I can’t change this world. I can’t love every single street kid or help every single person in need. But I can do it for a few. I can do it for one.
Every person matters so extremely much. Every body has a heart that is aching for love.
So when I have days where I feel like I can’t go on, and all of this is just too much for my soul… I think about why I’m here. And I think that the numbers of people being helped aren’t what is important. (That is overwhelming and depressing when you realize the huge amount of need.)
I just focus on stopping for the one. Taking the time and just listen if someone wants to be heard. Talking and giving advice to someone in despair. Playing with children who’ve never had parents play with them.
Choosing to look on the bright side and rely on hope and God. To turn people to Jesus and share that there is more than just this corrupt world.
To love others and bless others because I’ve been blessed!
At times it feels like giving my all isn’t enough. But then I stop. And I see that Jesus doesn’t look at the numbers. He doesn’t look at how much “good” you’ve done.
He looks at our hearts.
No matter where were at, what country were in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a missionary, a student, a parent, or working a 9-5..
Whatever situation were in or whatever our life looks like, we have to always put love and God first. We need to do things out of love, and give up living just for ourselves daily. To get rid of our human flesh desires of pride, jealousy etc. We’ve got to be a light. If willing God can use us. And He can ALWAYS use us. Even on the missions field, there’s times where I feel like quitting and I just want to be selfish and do nothing. But I don’t give up. Because God doesn’t give up on me.

” No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” 1 Corinthians 10:24



ImageImagePlaying with some of the children at different outreaches 🙂


One thought on “Stop for the One.

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing what you’re doing! And remember you are impacting more than the people you see and touch. There are people who are inspired and impacted by your story and life all over the world and they go out and serve others too, because of what they saw you doing! The little kids you played with and showed love to will grow up remembering that and who knows what God will do through their lives. You change one person’s life and that could multiply into hundreds or thousands of others! So yes, like you said, “I can play my little part in this big world. I can do what God has prepared for me to do. I can’t change this world. I can’t love every single street kid or help every single person in need. But I can do it for a few. I can do it for one.”
    And there are thousands of others thinking this same thing! We will work together to make a difference in this dark and hurting world. You’re not alone!
    So proud of you Nayns! Love you so much!

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