The dark world you don’t know about. Open your Eyes, world.

{ This picture makes me feel indifferent. It’s how we are supposed to feel as little girls, yet that is a far cry from reality to many.}

Life in Cambodia is the complete opposite than being in America.

While being here, there is a lot that I am thankful to help with. However, one thing I want to  fixate on is trafficking. And to shed some light on it. Unlike, in America, here in Cambodia you can clearly see which girls are being trafficked and who are prostituting.  At night they dress up with so much makeup, have their hair done, and wear little articles of clothing that really show off their body, which is very different from how a normal Cambodian girl would dress. You never see girls wearing shorts here, It’s much more conservative. One thing I’ve learned is that many times, it’s a girls own mother who traffics her. {To make money} And many little kids are trafficked… I can’t even!! 😦

How sick and disturbing is that!? I mean, imagine your mom making you have sex with disgusting men so she could profit from your body sales.? You never hear of that in the U.S. But here…it is common. It honestly breaks my heart. At, first I didn’t know if I could handle the stories. But, God gives me the ability to love and reach out.

As, you can imagine- that really takes a huge toll on a person. You are broken. You feel worthless, used, and undeserving. I mean, the people who were supposed to love and nurture you the most (your mother & father)– They end up just using you. Using your body. {Every human being needs, like the air they breathe–they need love.} Someone you can place trust in. They need someone to confide in. Someone to deeply love and care for them. When you don’t have that, you look to other places for love. You turn to drinking your life away. Or getting high to escape the pain. You turn to more sex. You turn to all those sick, demonic ways of life, instead of a happy, healthy life that we all truly desire. It’s just a lost day dream for these girls. Not reality. ( And maybe you too have turned to these things, when in desperation of love..)

Over and over I see how not having that LOVE can destroy a person. We are all so needy. we are all desperate. Every day  we need encouragement. we need H O P E.

The saddest thing I have yet to see, is when you look in a young girls eyes, and you feel her pain. When you stare right into those big, chocolate colored eyes and you just see hopelessness. You see a dead person, barely alive in a barely functioning body. It kills me. There are so many sad, tragic endings to these girls lives.  That is inevitable. However, I want to share something so beautiful. Something so sweet, and pure that can change these girls whole world. And I have seen it with my own eyes! It is why I am here.

When a girl, who’s been used her whole life, and feels completely invaluable. When this Buddhist religion screams, “karma.” and they think that they deserve this awful, dark lifestyle…There is one thing that brings H O P E. It is Jesus Christ. Fully- heartedly, it is the most changing, beautiful bondage breaker.

When the world and their country says, “You are not valuable. Unworthy. Unloved. Worthless.” God tells us the opposite.

In the bible, Jesus tells us we are Valuable. We are precious. That God intended, and created every single one of us. Do you know that in the bible, it says how God put more thought into each one of us,That they outnumber the grains of sand on this earth! W O W.


” For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. “

{Psalm 139:13-16}

Jesus can redeem so much in these girls’ broken worlds; In their messed up hearts. I couldn’t imagine living a life, feeling suffocated by pain. Feeling as if I deserved all the miserable, terrifying things that happened to me. It’s such a dark, dark place.

It’s easy to just completely wipe all of this information out and move on. To think to yourself,  ” Well that doesn’t affect me. Or “It’s not my problem.” However, I think those are the absolute most arrogant thoughts to think. I want to cry, just thinking about an average American thinking that. We are SO spoiled. We are so blessed, and many times we don’t even realize it. I even get caught up in life sometimes, where I let minor, stupid things get to me….And then I see clearly, I see the bigger picture. I see that it’s not all about me. I see that there is so much to live for.

Countlessly, I recall times going on Face book, or over- hearing people talk…And it’s about the most ridiculous things. We live in a culture that is constantly hungry for power, and money. And always wanting more.more.more. However, it’s never fully satisfying. You WILL always want more. When you live a life completely selfish. nothing is ever good enough, and you think the world needs to cater to you. How wrong are we? I like to step outside of myself, and think If I was born in a third world country. Or, into a family that makes you sell your body so they could gain money. It is a complete reality for many women all over the world. And, it needs to be spoken of. There needs to be a generation to rise up. To do what God has called us to do! We need to go, love, and serve. That is completely what my heart aches for.  To love on these desperate people. It’s not easy, let me tell you. But i know it’s worth it.

Here, a big part of what we do is helping these girls. And God has showed me so much through it all, that I could write a novel. But, while being so far from home, I just want to inform others of what’s going on. That’s why I have this blog site. It’s really dedicated to sharing what is going on in this world. To encourage. To bring hope. I feel so undeserving sometimes, in these positions, but God is so gracious and always prepares us for what He has planned.

I want to say that I do not hate Americans AT ALL. We live in a beautiful country. However, we are extremely naive to what’s going on around us.I pray that this opens your eyes a little bit.  That maybe today, you’ll be able to see the “problems” around you- not as problems, but as ways to grow. I pray that this may be a small seed to sprout in your heart to want to help. To want to love. And it doesn’t have to be in a far away place. It can be right where you are. Be an encourager, be a light to your family. To a friend. To a stranger..To an enemy. To every person you come face to face with.

Remember, we all have battles, and we all are going through something. But, we all need love. We all want people to be nice to us! don’t let your emotions determine how you treat another person. Look and talk to every person you meet as another Child of God. Never treat another as if their not a human being. Don’t treat people as objects. Be a lover. Be a person that you would like to meet.


GOD BLESS YOU guys. Have a wonderful week.
Sending love from Cambodia ❤



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