Time is Free, But it is priceless.

“”You’re gonna miss this. You’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast. These are some good times, so take a good look around. You may not know it now…but you’re gonna miss this.”   [Trace Adkins]


Pacing through the hot Cambodia sun, with droplets of sweat stinging my eyes. I felt the heat heavy on my shoulders, and weary from a long day. In my body I started to feel more antsy with each step, and I couldn’t quite figure it out why. I stopped myself in that moment. In the middle of a dirty street. I stood, and I thought to myself… A reoccurring lesson, that I have clearly been taught multiple times through out my  life, and only started to realize is the concept of “this moment.” Many times I would look back on a particular situation and think, “Naynay, why weren’t you more appreciative!?” Or “Why didn’t I have a better attitude?” There has been plenty of times where I couldn’t fully enjoy something, simply because I wanted to be somewhere else. Or I let some stupid minor thing distract me and steal my joy from fully being in that moment.

I think as humans,  we a lot of times are already onto the next thing, rushing through life, and really miss what is happening right in front of us. Even if our physical bodies are present, our minds are not. Whether it be wanting something new. Wanting to go someplace. Wanting someone to talk to us. Want.want.want. It’s kind of endless when I really think about it.

“LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.

Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeting away.”

Psalm 39:4

I’ve been trying to pull the reins back and just ENJOY.. It sounds simple, but can be hard to do at times. I like to be busy and am always doing something. But, I don’t want to miss what is happening in my life at this very moment. I don’t want to look back with a feeling of regret. I want to be fully appreciative of everything that’s going on in my life. From the people[even the difficult ones] the place I am at, the food I’m eating, where I’m living, what I’m doing. Everything. There’s beauty everywhere, we just need to Open our Eyes.  And once you do that, Everything changes.  You treat people differently. You realize that we won’t be on this earth forever. You realize whatever is happening in your life RIGHT NOW won’t last forever. You realize there is a time limit. We only get a designated amount. So why spend it being unhappy? Why spend it wishing you were somewhere else? Why keep wanting and have all your attention focused on what you don’t have. Change it. Change it to what you DO have. Life will be so much sweeter when you’re eyes are opened to all the blessings God has put in your life, that you were unaware of before.

I am always so completely humbled being in 3rd world countries. Where they have real problems. Like, where they will rest their head that night? Or where will their next meal come from? Have you ever had to worry that you were going to starve to death? Probably not. And that is NOT to say we don’t have problems, but being here…it really puts it into perspective of the importance of our problems. And how minor they really are. One of my favorite songs is “So Small” by Carrie Underwood and I think she puts it perfectly when she says,

“It’s so easy to get lost inside a problem that seems so big at the time. It’s like a river that’s so wide, that swallows you whole. While you’re sittin around thinking about what you can’t change, and worrying about all the wrong things. Times flying by, moving so fast. You better make it count- Cause you can’t get it back.”

So in the middle of that street.I prayed. And my anxiousness went away. God is so faithful, and I know this is where He has me and wants me. It’s all part of His plan for my life. I realize the more Faith I put into God,the more my fears or worries of this life decrease. Because I trust Him. I trust that we have a beautiful God who loves us so so much. And He wants what’s best for our lives. Us, humans, we mess up ALL the time, but He is always there despite the mess-ups, faithfully. So I have to thank Him. I have so many blessings that I don’t deserve at all. I could of been born in a third world country, with no food, no family and no where to live. But, I didn’t. I never had to worry where my next meal was coming from. There’s so many things I didn’t have to worry about. I think once our worldview and our minds shift from it being all about us to it being all about God and other people. It changes you, like nothing else will. You realize there is a BIG BIG world out there, and you’re just a little speck. You realize it isn’t all about you. And THANK GOD it isn’t. Let God take hold of your life and trust Him. Trust that you are made for a purpose. And you are not here by accident. Trust that He has an amazing wonderful plan for your life. And you will mess up. But don’t let those mistakes define you. Trust that He wants to use your life. Use you to love others-Use you to help others.

[[There’s sooo much going on here in Cambodia and I am so blessed to be here. I will give an update on my next blog. But, I just really wanted to write one and share with everyone what God is teaching me! It’s really impacted me so I wanted to share. Thank you to everyone who is reading this. God Bless you guys. Sending love from Cambodia ❤ ]]


[A photo this week of one of the girls I live with Sreydout, and I eating yummy coconuts. Which are only 50 cents here:) ]





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