Sometimes when I lay in bed at night, or randomly throughout the day, I like to plan. Plan my life. What I should do. Where I should go. Who I should be..

I’ll play out a beautiful script in my head, sort of like a movie. I then submit it to God, thinking, “This is a REALLY good idea! Don’t you think so??”With a hopeful plea, thinking that whatever scenario I thought of would be the best for me. 

But it never works out that way, Thank God. He always has something SO much better for me than I would’ve thought possible. And in retrospect I see that a lot of times, what I thought I wanted, wasn’t really what I wanted, and I’m so thankful that I didn’t go down many roads. I usually think I know what’s best, but I really don’t. This life is a learning process, and because God is Love. And because He knows what our future holds, I put my trust in Him and not myself. God really does lead me. & I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Which brings me to this..I knew for some reason I had to spend some time here in Cambodia, so I got a ticket for 3 months..But now I know I need to be here longer. I truly feel like this is where I’m supposed to be right now. So, I’m going to try and extend my time here for 6 months, and I’ll see what happens from there 🙂

But I NEED YOUR HELP. I am going to try and fundraise while being over seas. I’ve fallen in love with this little country.

 I love all my new sisters. Always doing things with them, and being in a counselor type of role. We help and do many outreaches, with helping women who are in trafficking or are in need of a home, love, and education. And recently I’ve been going to the dump a couple times a week. I’m so busy but I love it, and I can’t imagine leaving at the end of May.

So I ask for your prayers being over here, that is so appreciated ❤ And if you’d like to, please donate. It would mean the world to me!

If you want to donate, there are two ways:

**By check:


42946 Corte Abanilla

Temecula, CA 92592

[with my name in the memo:) ]

**or online by going to Paypal and sending money to GCM to pastor.craig@hotmail.com email. And designate it to me, Irene Hackett


THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH, for prayers, taking the time to read this, or donating. God Bless you all. We are all part of one body, but all have different parts. The people who pray & support are just absolutely as important as the people who go out. We all need to work together to spread the love of God. And speak up for the ones who can not speak for themselves. 


Some photos from the last couple of weeks. Going to outreaches & hanging out with the girls 🙂




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