Dirt roads & Sidewalks

I know my feet aren’t meant for walking in nice designer shoes. Nor are they meant for clean swept streets. They are meant for dirt roads.

Dirt roads with the feet of small innocent children scurrying around them.

They are meant to travel.

Meant to share this extraordinarily huge LOVE that bombarded my life.

Love from God.

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Southern California, one of the nicest places to live on this planet, says society.

But I know I am meant and built for something different. My journey is meant to live amongst the least of these. My purpose is no longer satisfying myself. I learned that,

Loving the poor…That is the most fulfilling thing that could ever happen. My life makes sense when my arms are wrapped up in a child that has never had a mommy or a daddy hold them.

  • My life makes sense when a starving individual receives food.

    My life makes sense when I see a woman walk out of prostitution.

    My life makes sense when I see an orphan smile.

    My life makes sense when I am no longer living for myself, and instead living for a much greater thing than meaninglessly walking around the earth.

    When I am serving our beautiful God and putting my faith into action to go out and help the untouched, the unloved, the precious children of this world…

    It makes sense.

    Too often we think we are incapable.

    However, if there’s one thing I learned living in 3rd world countries, it’s that if you want to love……
    God can use you in infinite ways.We as people are so much more capable than we allow ourselves to think. We trap ourselves in these prison walls, letting FEAR control us.
    It holds us back.
    Break free from it.
    You don’t want to ever look back with the notion of, ” I wish I had..”
    Every person has a different journey, and to each, God has His own unique plan for every human being He created. Let your heart guide you where to go and what to do. & In the midst of this world with a million voices telling you what to do- silence them out and listen for God’s.
    “Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs19:21


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