You should smile after reading this. The simple things.

The brilliant streams of sunlight awaken me every morning as I pull my big, warm covers over my head- –

and I smile.

I can never take for granted the privilege of sleeping in a bed. Not on the cold streets with nothing to keep me warm- like millions of people and children have to do every single day.

When I have to use the restroom- I smile.

I have an actual toilet that flushes and TOILET PAPER. I can never take for granted that simple luxury as millions don’t have it. They either just go outside or in a squad toilet. I couldn’t imagine when you’re sick and you don’t have one! Actually- when I was living in Malawi I did experience terrible stomach sicknesses and malaria, and trust me it is AWFUL. AWFUL.AWFUL. & I only had to live in those conditions for 3 1/2 months. Most people do it their whole lives.

When I walk to my kitchen and open up the fridge- I smile. Not only do I have the choice to choose what I eat, I have so many options and I can eat when I want to. The blessing of a fridge and a freezer blows my mind some days. I am grateful. I can never take for granted a fridge and FOOD. Where most people in the world are starving. And their next meal is lying somewhere between a prayer and a day dream.

When I turn on my water faucet- I smile. The fact that I didn’t need to walk miles to carry that water is such a blessing! I remember times in Africa where walking miles every day to just get water for simply living (doing dishes, cleaning, drinking) became so normal. Yet, your body does become exhausted. And the fact that my sink can change temperature if I move it a little to the right or to the left, still, at moments blows my mind.

I could write a novel on the million simple things that should make us humans pause, stand in awe at our glorious God for all our blessings and just smile.  It’s so incredibly easy to look past these things and just get use to them. I mean I am completely guilty of it at times! However, the saying of “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” becomes more and more real to me the older I get. One day everything you have around you will be gone. Or will change. So let’s hold on to the beautiful moments of now. Really appreciate them and do so with a heart full of thankfulness.

There is SOOO much to smile and be happy about today! So do it! Don’t let the little negative things clutter up your mind. Free it from worry and be truly appreciative for every person who’s in your life at this moment. Even be thankful for the not-so-good times. Just learn from it, and don’t let what you don’t have over bear the blessings of what you DO have.

Be appreciate of the beautiful sun as it wakens you in the mornings. Be blessed of your job, where you can make money or even the local coffee shop you go to, that could just seem normaland  be part of your every day life. You never know how your smile or good attitude can brighten someones day. We always want people to be nicer and what-not, so let’s start with ourselves and be THAT person. We can’t change others. Only ourselves.

[This is a really sweet idea I’m trying to do this year! So take a mason jar and every day just jot down one thing that you are thankful for and put it in the jar. Or get a notebook and every day write down one thing. And at the end of the year you have a list of 365 things you’re grateful for ❤ ]


I love these sweet children. Even though they don’t have much of anything, their eyes lit up and they had the absolute best times playing with us “gringos” They taught me so much.






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