What is being rich?

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

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“Spread Love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you with out leaving happier.” -Mother Teresa

Re-read that.


And again.

Isn’t that the type of person you yearn to be?

The feeling of pure happiness and bliss is so beautiful. It’s so perfect. And so priceless. And we are able to carry that happiness with us and give it to one another. Have you ever stopped and thought how we could play an important role in some body’s happiness? How a somebody has done that for you?

From a simple smile to a stranger. A hug. An act of kindness. Affirming words. A great attitude. A gift. A laugh. A prayer. An ear for listening. A hand for holding. A heart for loving.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how we can show others love.

In the big picture… If you eject your mind from your every day non-stop bubble of a world you live in and zoom out…

You realize there is a lot more to this life, than meets the eye. A lot more.

To often we’re in this hustle of our daily lives. over-looking every thing beautiful.

We could live through a whole day, come home at the end and say. “I’ve had a bad day.” And just be upset and not content with life. The only thing that triggered you to this bad day was maybe, a rude costumer at work, someone annoying you, or the traffic you had to drive in when coming home.


  S   T    O     P.

It doesn’t have to be like that. I think we just get so use to our every day blessings that we’re blinded by all the good going around us.

The simple fact that you can wake up and see, is truly a miracle. You have ears that hear. Hear the laughs of children, sweet music flowing from the radio, and the whisper of your loved one. We have our eyes that let us take in and see this ongoing movie, in which we’re living in. We have taste buds that are able to take in the pleasures of food. We have such a huge variety, It’s wild. And if you’re reading this, you’re likely to chose what you put into your mouth. Unlike so many impoverished countries, where they have a staple food that they eat for every meal, every day. I experienced it when living in Malawi, Africa. I ate nsima(flour + boiling water) Every single day, and boy will I never go ungrateful for our privilege of food in this country!

We never know when today will be our last. When tomorrow is too late. When we step out of this world. We think we are invincible, and we have forever here. But our forever isn’t here. Our life is a clock. ticking and ticking. In this moment, right now you are the youngest you’ll ever be again. We only go forward with age.  I think  with most, or so I’ve heard speaking with many elders, is they look back, and regret something similar. They don’t regret things they do, but instead it’s the things they wish they would’ve done. The chances they would’ve taken, the places they’d hope to travel to, the people they could have crossed paths with. The piece of advice they always give me, is “to take chances. BE YOUNG”. We really are young once. So why not take advantage of that, and do it the best way possible. And, I’m not writing this as an average young 20 year old saying to” live it up, drink, and party.” NO. I actually think that is quite stupid. And there are far, far better things to do with our time, and our health.

But, Make something out of your life. Something beautiful. Help some one in need. Go volunteer some where. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Especially do so in the best attitude possible. We’re so fixated (especially in the American culture) to look at solely the negatives, when there is magic all around us.

From the way the sun wakens you, to how to moon helps you to sleep at night. The breeze of the wind, rolling green hills that extend for miles. Our gigantic vastness of oceans and the life living under. All the creatures walking the earth with us. From a small little fruit fly to a ginormous African elephant. The way the rain falls and replenishes the ground underneath it. How clouds and sunsets look like masterpieces painted by the hand of God. The way you feel when your toes sink into the sand when trying to take in the incomparable beauty of the sea. Clouds. Butterflies. Laughter. Relationships. America. South America. Europe. Africa. Asia. Antarctica.Innocence. Children.gardens. marriage. phone calls.couples holding hands.roller coasters. books. animals.chocolate cupcakes. circuses. movie theaters. Food.Health. Movies. A rainbow.  flowers.  waterfalls. trees. waves. sunshine.music. smiles.grass. traveling.thunderstorms. running. a cup of coffee.fireflies. stars.the ability to hear, smell, taste, touch, see. the moon. car rides.sail boats. castles. bridges. fish.pictures.painting. writing.kisses. hugs.sun poking through trees. rainforests. airplanes.painted nails. makeup.dirt paths. singing.Dancing. Memories. Happiness.Oxygen. Hope.friends. family. L O V E.

Let our minds focus on these things. Let’s look at our days like a photograph. Focusing on all the beauty, and goodness, and letting all the negative and bad escape in the background. And most of all

Don’t forget to pray. pray. pray.

It’s always so interesting to me who I find the happiest most infectious people to be around. The ones who know who they are in Christ, and reflect that beautiful light in this world- almost angelic. Even when the world is crumbling, they are brave and beautiful and walk through it all with a smile on their face and humbleness in their hearts. They don’t complain, like most of us humans, They just appreciate what their given, even if it may be little.

Those people are rich to me. That’s what being wealthy is. Our world bases it on a dollar sign, but I base it on something that money can’t buy. Happiness, joy, hope and love. Which ultimately comes from God. The richest people whom I’ve met don’t even have a dollar to their name, yet they have that one thing we’re all searching for. They enjoy the time they spend with people. They enjoy the simple things. They are T H A N K F U L. I think we have a lot to learn form the people we consider “poor.” But, that’s another blog……;)

I pray that whoever reads this, you start to take pleasures in the every day life, and are blessed in all that’s been given to you.

Every day is a gift, don’t send it back unopened.



Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/mothertere133195.html#7WqRF3r2kpvETe3M.99


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